Course Highlights

Duration 36 hours
Delivery Format Online Mode (Personalised Mentor Driven)
Cities/ Centers available in Online only mode
Tools Covered Tableau,Hadoop,SQL
Experiential Learning Industry faculty, Case studies and Assignments, Career Support
Prerequisite Skills Statistics,Linear Algebra,Calculus ,Probability ,Programming Languages and MS-Excel
Certification Certificate from IemLearning
  • Learn Online

    webinars, discussions, and assignments.

  • Certificate + International Recognition

    Certificate from Iem Learning which internationally recognized institute.

  • Career Support

    Social Media Marketing Specialists can combine with include the following: Sales Manager. Public Relations Manager. Office Manager.

  • India's Top Ranked Program

    Globally recognize Program

  • Flexibility

    Accommodating transfer and sabbatical cases while providing an option to cover-up missed classes.

  • World Class Faculty

    Learn from leading academicians in the field of Social Media, marketing and experienced industry practitioners.

Course Description

Bulletin Description:

We’re pleased to offer this Professional Certification Program in Machine Learning and

Artificial Intelligence in Business. Our goal is to ensure businesses and individuals have the

education and training necessary to succeed in the AI-powered future. This certificate guides

participants through the most recent headways and technical approaches in artificial

intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep

learning, and algorithmic methods to further your knowledge of this ever-evolving industry.

Awarded upon successful completion of four qualifying courses in Professional Education,

this certificate furnishes you with the best practices and actionable knowledge expected to

put you and your organization at the bleeding edge of the AI revolution.

Detailed Description


 Statistical concepts - basics to advanced levels.

 Model Planning, Data Modelling and Model Evaluation using real-time case studies.

 Various Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation through hands-on in the


 Robotics in business.


 Online Classes - Get the services of best trainers from anywhere

 LIVE instructor-led training in classroom mode

 Personalized attention

 Highly interactive sessions

 Entirely hands-on driven session

 Practical inputs from real-time scenarios

 Problems and case study driven training

 Machine Learning algorithms will be taught using at least 2 Case Studies for every


Course curriculum

  • 1

    An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business

    • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)?
    • History of AI & ML
    • When to apply AI & ML?
    • What AI can and can’t do?
    • AI vs Humans
    • Case studies
  • 2

    Natural Language Processing in Business

    • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Introduction to Python Language
  • 3

    Robotics in Business

    • NLP using Python
    • Case studies
    • Projects
    • Robotics foundation
    • The scenarios of industrial robotics and advanced robotics
    • The fundamentals of kinematics, differential kinematics and statics
    • Motion planning
    • Estimation
    • Robotics in AI
    • Projects
  • 4

    Artificial Intelligence in Business and Society and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

    • Recent AI uprising
    • How is the world changing?
    • Building blocks of AI
    • Common tools used for creating AI
    • Application of AI & ML in various industries
    •  Building AI & ML practice in your association
    • Ethics of AI & ML