Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • IP Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • 2

    Module-1(Introduction to Innovation)

    • Overview of the course
    • Introduction to innovation
    • Creativity
    • Necessity of innovation in current business world
    • Different types of innovation
    • Adaptibility of an innovation
    • IP Innovation and Entrepreneurship_QUIZ_1
    • IP Innovation and Entrepreneurship_QUIZ_1,Answer Booklet
  • 3

    Module-2(Innovation & Idea)

    • Divergent and convergent thinking
    • Idea generation
    • Idea validation
    • IP Innovation and Entrepreneurship_QUIZ_2
    • IP Innovation and Entrepreneurship_QUIZ_2,answer booklet
    • Introduction to entrepreneurship and self discovery
    • Opportunity Discovery
    • IP innovation & entrepreneurship_SS_QUIZ2_
    • IP innovation & entrepreneurship_SS_QUIZ2_answer booklet
  • 4


    • Design Thinking
    • Customer & Solution
    • Customer & Solution (Value proposition canvas)
    • lean-canvas,STUDY MATERIAL
    • Business Model
    • lean-canvas,STUDY MATERIAL
    • Validation
    • IP innovation & entrepreneurship_SS_QUIZ3_
    • IP innovation & entrepreneurship_SS_QUIZ3,Answer Booklet
  • 5

    Module -4 (Intellectual Property)

    • Lec 1- IPR
    • Lec 2 - Patent
    • Lec 3 - Patent Drafting
    • Lec 4 - Copyrights & Trademarks
    • Quiz - IPR
  • 6

    Course Completion

    • Training Evaluation Form - IP Innovation Entrepreneurship

About the course

This course is for everyone who thinks to solve a problem. If you are a regular thinker then this course will help to frame the idea, to validate the idea, successful implementation of the idea as a Start-Up. This course is designed at empowering you with an entrepreneurial mindset and business skills to enhance your career prospects help you develop entrepreneurship skills, and get you started on the entrepreneurship journey.This course will not only help in understanding the nuances of IPR but will also guide to file a patent to secure the right to your intellectual property.

Course outcome

1. To filter out the feasible idea and may proceed for validation and implementation for the real world. 2. To understand yourself like your flow, entrepreneurial style and your means using the effectuation principle, Bird-in-Hand. 3. Empathize with the customer to further define the problem using Design Thinking 4. Identify your customer segments and niche, and understand their jobs, pains, and gains 5. Create your own business model using the Lean Canvas and validate your idea building your MVP 6. To have a crystal clear concept of Intellectual Property Right. 7. To understand the drafting and filing of his own Patent application.


Soumi Saha

Assistant Professor

Soumi Saha

Soumi Saha has received her M. Tech Degree in electronics and communication engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2012 an was selected as user of CeNSE Laboratory of IISC Bangalore through Indian Nano User Program(INUP) since December 2014. Her area of specialization includes active silicon photonic devices, photonic integrated circuits, and optical communication systems. She has published a number of papers in journals of international repute. Ms Saha joined University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata in 2018 and presently teaching Network Theory, Basic Electronics, Computer Architecture and Organization in undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has more than 10years of teaching experience in academic field. Ms Saha is also teaching courses on Entrepreneurship in association with Wadhwani Foundation since 2014 and mentoring startup from PV to RV for last 6 years. She has attended several training programs, workshops and FDP on entrepreneurship and received Letter of Appreciation from Wadhwani Foundation.
Bipasha  Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor

Bipasha Mukhopadhyay

Bipasha Mukhopadhyay has Completed B.Tech from WBUT ( Presently known as MAKAUT) and M.Tech from Calcutta University in the domain of Computer Science & Information Technology. Domain of interest includes image processing, WSN, IOT, V2V communications. Published papers on various domains and already applied for patent for IOT based product. Working as a faculty for last 8 years. Already mentored various Start-Up groups of UEM, Kolkata. Guided projects were selected in All India Competitions.
Mohuya  Chakraborty, PhD


Mohuya Chakraborty, PhD

Mohuya Chakraborty is Dean and Professor at Institute of Engineering & Management having 25 years of experience in industry and academia.