Course curriculum

  • 1

    National Health Policy

    • 1.Factors, Determinants and other Issues, Review of Different Committees
  • 2

    Health Services in India

    • 1.Input, Output and Performance, Disparities in Health Services, Govt’s Role, Private Participation, Role of NGOs.
  • 3

    Health and Social Policy

    • 1.International Perspective, Health Policy and the Disadvantaged, Health care and Social Development
  • 4

    Health Services Management

    • 1. Management Issues in Health Care, Health Care Decision-making, Project Management in Health Care
  • 5

    Health Services

    • 1.Needs vs. Demand vs. Supply Model, Health Sector Financing and Expenditure, Primary Health Care  Costs, Resource availability and allocation
  • 6

    Financial Management in Health Services

    • 1.Budgeting, Control, Pricing and Efficiency
  • 7

    Economics of Health Care

    • 1.National Health Programmes, Non-Governmental Health Care, CostBenefit Analysis